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In the form above select the details of your car – the make (Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford, etc), the model, the year, the type, the mileage. Then enter your email address and phone number and click “Get Price”

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You will see the price for your car and you need to fill up the form to finalize the deal. Mention your location, the day and date, select the time and mention your first and last name and click on “Book An Appointment.” One of our representatives will get back to you ASAP

The Best Place to Sell Car in the UAE

There is no car too big and no car too small – we buy your car – cars of all makes, models, and years are purchased here. If you have a second hand car that you wish to sell off but can’t find the time to go after dealers, then we offer you a quick and convenient way to get good deals for your set of wheels. You can sell any car online fast through our easy-to-use interface that offers you free car evaluation and allows you to sell your car online in Dubai within a few minutes. We are the best place to sell car hands down!

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We know how time-consuming it can be to place an online ad and then wait for the buyers to follow up on that with no guarantee that it will get sold. Besides, when the ad gets old you have to renew it otherwise it will not get as many views as most of the people follow up on new ads ignoring the old ones. Carbuyer.ae is the best place to sell your car and it guarantees that your car will be purchased and within a couple of minutes!

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Ever thought wouldn’t it be great if I could just sell my car in Dubai instantly? Well, stop thinking because it is time to act. What was just an imagination is now a truth, fill our online form and sell your car in Dubai and get instant cash for your car. Dealers are dealers, going through them all to get a good price is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Make your life easy with getting a great deal online through our web portal. We will buy your car at a good price.

So no need for a long time-consuming ad placements or going from dealer to dealer. We know your time is precious and we respect it. So hurry up and fill the form to get a booking and collect the payment.

We save not only your time but money

Gone are the days when people used to sell their cars to pushy dealers. When the sellers had to visit various dealers to get the best price for cars. Moving from dealer to dealer to compare the prices wastes your precious time and money. We are here to save both for you. If you don’t know how to sell a car in Dubai then we will guide you with our professional expertise and excellent customer care. Our whole process to finalize the deal will not take more than 30mins and you also do not have to go through the complication of excessive paperwork.

Cash your car anywhere in UAE

If you want to avoid the hassle of finding a buyer and selling your car to private and unreliable traders then we are the most reliable platform. No matter wherever you are in UAE, be it Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah or any other state. You can sell your car online in UAE. You will be paid as per your convenience. You can choose from numerous payment possibilities

Why Choose CarBuyer


Just mention the details of your vehicle in the easy-to-use forms and get a free valuation from us.


Your car will be sold we guarantee it.


No cumbersome follow-ups, no long wait, you simply sell your car in dubai without all the problems.


Get it valuated by our system, book an appointment, bring the vehicle and collect the cash.

Happy Customers

Being a professional in the banking industry I am mostly at work and on off days have to give time to the family. I had bought a second car for home use several years ago but felt that it was time to get a new one. The thought of going to the dealers to sell the car made me uncomfortable as it was going to take too much time. I initially posted an ad online but couldn’t keep a constant follow up and did not get a significant response. Then I found out about carbuyer.ae I filled up their form and set up a meeting the very next day and sold my car then and there. The experience was great, the staff was courteous and professional and the whole process extremely quick and simple.

John Doe

I am a real estate agent, I don’t work regular hours as meeting with clients can come up at any time. Providing high-profile customers with suitable estates, I have a certain image to maintain and that includes my vehicle. Seeing that it had been several years that I had not changed my car, I dreaded the fact as to how I was going to go about selling it until a friend introduced me to carbuyer and my whole problem was solved I sold my car within minutes and got paid the next day. Excellent service I wish them the best.

Muhammad Talha