Brace Yourself for 55 New E-Car Models in UAE and Why You Should Buy Them

The world is witnessing a revolution in the name of climate change and almost every big industry is shifting to environment-friendly solutions. Transport industry is among the leading change-makers in climate industry revolution and have introduced e-cars. Hybrid electric cars had already been a success but the time is now ripe for the introduction of all-electric vehicles.

Just when Elon Musk???s Tesla is ready to hit the roads with its third model, more and more companies are venturing into the electric cars market. The next few years will see plenty of new cars hit the road with all-electric cars. If you are looking to sell your car then the time is now to change your ride.

What???s the good news?

There is a good news for those living in UAE. As the UAE government is committed to bringing the top tech from the world, a recent news in the Khaleej Times reports that about 55 new models of electric vehicles are expected to be introduced in the country. The government is doing so to encourage the residents to opt for environment-friendly means of transportation under its new program.

The government recently introduced its E-Sayyara campaign to increase the number of e-cars on the road. This campaign has been launched by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DCSE). Under the new program, the authorities will be giving e-car users more incentives for driving these cars. According to the new program, all the big brands like Mercedes, BMW, and General Motors will be introduced in the market by 2020 to make Dubai greener.

Presently, there are more than 4000 e-cars on the roads of Dubai and UAE. The authorities in Dubai want to target a number of 270,000 eco-friendly in Dubai by the year 2030.

E-Sayyara program has divided the incentives into different segments of EV drivers. Since UAE???s driver market is quite diverse, each one of them has been tried to approach differently under this program. These incentives are meant to make green mobility more desirable and to encourage people to drive these cars.

This isn???t the first program launched by the Dubai government. Last year, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) came up with various incentives for e-cars users. Some of the incentives included free car charging until the end of 2019, free parking spots and free vehicle registration and renewal fees. The 200 EV Green Charger stations have already been installed across Dubai where e-car users can charge their cars for free.

The second and third phase of incentives will be launched when the new models arrive by 2020. Government organizations have set a target of 2% electric cars by 2020 and 10% cars by 2030. The ultimate goal is to reduce the carbon emissions from the transportation sector under the Dubai Carbon Abatement Strategy.

And if these incentives were not enough, then here are ten ways having an e-car in Dubai would benefit you:

  1. No fuel cost for a trip across the UAE
  2. A close network of charging points in Dubai.
  3. Free charge from more than 200 stations in Dubai until the end of 2019.
  4. Charge every 40kms in Dubai
  5. One charge is enough for a complete trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  6. While conventional fuel costs Dh150, the average cost of charging an e-car is Dh7.
  7. E-cars will offer an extra 3 years warranty in Dubai.
  8. Free slaik Tag
  9. Free parking spots
  10. Free car registration and renewal

Are E-cars Expensive?

E-cars are not only environment -friendly but they also save users a lot of money in the long run. An e-car user can save up to Dh 9000 worth of fuel per year. Similarly, it can save the owner Dh 1,950 in terms of maintenance. The reason why EV cars are less expensive because they require less moving parts. That???s why they do not need frequent maintenance and oil like conventional cars. Similarly, they are not expensive in terms of energy use. The average cost of one charge is Dh7 as compared to an average fuel of Dh150 used by the fuel car. In the long run, future E-car are going to be cheaper as they will be built for masses. So before you sell your car in Dubai, watch out for an electric one.