Here???s how you can get cash for your car

The UAE has a very active used cars market. If you are planning to sell your old car, you won???t find it difficult to get instant offers from car buyers in Dubai. One of the biggest reason for this high demand for used cars in UAE is the tough criteria for auto finance. Moreover, majority of its population consists upon expats. They prefer sending a major portion of their incomes to their home countries to support their families. For this reason, they look for used cars instead of new ones to save money. Just so you know, the UAE also has a big scrap and used car parts market that is always looking for old cars for sale.

Protect yourself against scrap dealers

If you want to sell your car in UAE, it is vital for you to prevent yourself from falling into the trap of scrap dealers as they will buy your car on the basis of its weight and not on the condition. This obviously means that your car will get sold for a whole lot less than what it is actually worth. They will do their best to pure you, but you must not fall for their sweet talk.

Used car dealers are a better option

If you don???t know already, there are many used car dealers in Dubai who buy old cars for the purpose of preparing them to sell on a higher price. Such dealers will pay you more money for your car than a scrap dealer. This is because they tend to offer a price that is more so based on the overall condition of the car and not its weight. To them, what is most important is how much they can sell the car further for. Hence, if you have a decent car, you can expect to get a good deal from them.

Post free ads on the internet

Another good source of searching a reasonable buyer is by posting free ads on classified websites. The good news is that there are many active classified websites in Dubai. Posting classified ads will help you instantly cash your car in UAE. It is highly recommended for you to get minor repair work and servicing of your car before posting your ad. Doing so will provide you a better bargain position when making sales deal. When placing your ad on the internet, make sure that you provide as many details as possible about your vehicle. While you are at it, make sure that you do not skip on adding it???s photos too for people to look at.

Sell your rare car to an antique collector

If your car falls under rare cars category, such as vintage and antique cars, never sell it as old car. You can easily find an antique collector by posting an ad in the antiques category, who will be ready to buy your old car for a really good price. Hence if you have an antique car, make sure that you do not overlook this option.

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