How to Keep You and Your Car Safe in Turbulent Weather?

The Middle East is facing a spell of torrential rains and storms. Many parts of Kuwait are witnessing flash floods while areas of UAE are expected to face an unusual downpour in the coming days. The National Centre for Meteorology has issued warnings to the residents not to venture into the rough areas.

Driving in the rain can be quite troublesome and unsafe. Stormy conditions and rain are not good for you or your car. It is pertinent to remain focused when you are driving during the rain. The stormy season brings is a menace for cars and a risk for the drivers driving in these conditions. If you are looking to sell your car in UAE, you would never want it to lose its value by risking it in rain. With coming rainy season in mind, Carbuyer shares with you some necessary measures you should take to keep you and your ride safe in turbulent weather.

Keep Hydroplaning at bay

You may have experienced during the rainy weather that the grip of your car tyres become weak and the driver often loses the control of the car???s direction. This is hydroplaning and it usually occurs when you suddenly pull the breaks of your car when you are driving at high speed. The first precaution to stop your car from hydroplaning would be to manage its speed. Keeping the speed slow will keep you safe. The other precaution to take would be to keep some distance for the vehicle above you. And lastly, check the air pressure in your car and ensure that they are properly inflated before taking your car out.

Protect your ride

There are a few precautions that you must observe to prevent your car from any potential damage. Start by giving your car a wax coat before the rainy season starts. This will resist any water or moisture contact with the car paint and protect it from rusting. The wax coat also fills scratches on the body panels so as to avoid any further damage. If you usually park your car outside then better cover it with a decent cover. Buy one if you have not already. Waterproof covers protect the car from moisture and keep the car dry. Moreover, keeping your car clean will save it from the contaminants that damage its body. These small things often stay within the body scratches and damage the car when the water evaporates. As you keep the front and outside of your car clean, it is as important to keep the underbody and body panels clean. These areas are splattered with mud and the contaminants in the mud cause metals to rust.

Use rain guards

Rain guards or sometimes called window visors act like an eyeshade of a cap. Visors are typically fitted on window sills and they protrude outwards. You can use these window visors to open the window without contacting the rain or wind. In this way, your car cabin remains clean and dry. Another advantage of rain guards is that they prevent mist formation. Windows visors would provide shade to your car during a sunny day.

Keep your car in the middle lane

When facing a storm or heavy rain, try as far as possible to keep your car in the centre lane. The reason behind this idea is that this lane has the least possibility of still water patches. This lane is usually built slightly higher than the side lanes, that???s why there is no water logging here. If the water is everywhere and there is no other way than to drive through the waterlogged areas then better drive your car slowly but with a constant throttle. Do not use brakes in this condition. Try to keep a minimum distance from the car in front of you or the ones on your side. Starting the car in the still water may damage your engine, so keep driving or don???t drive in higher water levels. Moreover, the hazard lights of your car must be turned on when it is still and try to get out of the water to a safer place as soon as possible.

Get ready beforehand

Weather is quite unusual these days. It can take a few minutes to turn wild. So it is always better to get your car and yourself ready beforehand to avoid any emergency situations. Best would be not to drive especially in case of heavy rain or flash floods like the one we are seeing in Kuwait right now. Flash flood as abrupt and can even sweep away your car if you are out in the rain. So do not drive in extreme weather condition. Park your car and take shelter in a safe place. Stay informed about the weather forecast of the day. Keep an easily-accessible car emergency kit in case of a serious storm. It can make all the difference in a difficult situation.