How to Sell Your Car in UAE the Easiest Way?

Buying a car is like marrying someone. Once you have it, it is not easy to get out of that relationship. There are various reasons people want to sell their car. Our preferences change with time and so do our needs. New models are bigger and better and we always like to upgrade our ride. People also sell a car because they are moving to a new city or country. And lastly, our financial situation plays a key role in sale of the car.

When you bought your car, it was new and you paid the right amount. But when you go in the market to sell your car in UAE, your car has lost most of its value even if it is in an excellent condition. In addition, the dealer fees and commissions further dent your chances of getting a better deal.

So would you keep lingering in this marriage? Of course not! There are a few ways you can end this relationship. Let us discuss them one by one.

  1. Return your car: The first and easy option would be to approach the company from which you bought the car. Some companies that sell the car in UAE also give you an option to buy the car back later. But this offer comes with some conditions. You may have to buy a new car from the same company if you sell the car to that company. In some cases, companies that offer buy-back option offer quite low rates for the car. So sell your car only if you are getting something near the market value of your car or you are being offered a deal that is irresistible.
  2. Sell your car to a private user: The second option would be to sell your car to an individual buyer who is interested in buying your car. For this, you may have to list your car in yellow pages, ask people in your friends??? circle, or list your car on online platforms. But it may take you long to find the right buyer and you may have to respond to a lot of queries of the potential buyers before a final deal is reached. This process is time consuming and less fruitful. Go for this option only if you think your ride is worth more than the market rate and people will pay you more for it.
  3. Sell your car online: Another option nowadays, and a popular one, is to sell your car online in UAE. There are websites that buy your car online in surprisingly less time. This option is not only convenient but also offers the best value for your car.

All you need to do it to find the right website that offers to buy your car online. Visit the website and fill in the information first. Most of the sites would ask you about the make and model of your car, the number of miles a car is driven and a couple of other things. After entering these details, you will see an evaluation by the website. If the initial quote of the website is near your evaluation, then schedule an appointment with the website???s agent. Some sites also offer you to visit their site for their car evaluation. After the evaluation by the experts, the deal is finalized and the car owner is paid in full.

Why selling a car online is an interesting proposition?

Online is a convenience itself. People in Dubai are busy and they do not have enough time to visit markets and negotiate the prices with hard bargainers. Car buying website provides a hassle-free door for selling a car without wasting your time in the conventional market. These sites have a vast database of cars and their evaluations are close to the market rates.

What could be the potential hurdles?

No process is perfect but the online car buying service makes sure to give its users the most convenient experience. Still, there are some hurdles that may arise at the time of the deal. These must be kept in mind for a smooth car sale. The original documents of the car must be present, the owner of the car should be present, RTA certificate of the car, and supplementary documents by the RTA must be present at the time of the deal.

If you want to avoid these hurdles, follow these points and your online sale will be a smooth sailing.