The Best Car Buying Service in UAE is Now Up and Running

For years, traditional car buying agents have ruled the markets and charged hefty commissions from their clients. These markets have enjoyed a monopoly in the market and dictated the rates of the vehicles. Over time, car buying services changed with the introduction of the internet and online services. People started leasing cars and passing on their car lease without involving a third-party. But soon enough, third-party companies also started taking premium cuts from these deals. Eventually leaving the car sellers no better off.

But if you are here and you want to sell your car in UAE without paying a commission to the middleman, then let us assure you that you have come the right place. Whether you want to sell a new car or an old one, you can do it conveniently and effectively with Carbuyer. This online car buying service is not only simple but also free. So get ready to enjoy the benefit of selling your car online without paying a penny.

What is is an online car buying website where potential sellers come to get an evaluation and sell their car. We accept old and new cars alike. All the local car owners who have want to change their ride can sell their car on to us.

To better understand how works, we would recommend you to go through our easy and interactive ???how it works??? guide.

What is selling a car online?

People living in Dubai and UAE are die-hard car lovers. They take pride in their ride and try out vehicles that are recently launched in the market. Over the years, people have amassed luxury sedans, SUVs, and cars of all brands in the country. To satiate their love for cars, people of UAE sell their old vehicles.
Similarly, some people want to move to another city. There are a number of immigrants working here that leave the country once their contract is over. In this case, they would also want to sell the vehicle which is no more in their use.

Our online service provides all those people who want to sell their car online in UAE or Dubai without going out in the market. We accept all types of cars and we have maintained a vast database of car models for this purpose.

Why would someone sell a car online?

There are many reasons people are ready to use online services than the traditional market. Online selling provides more convenient selling experience that conventional market. Online websites have real-time data and keep authentic market rates for the car models in the market. However, the biggest advantage of using Carbuyer online call buying service is that you can sell your car in less than 30mins. It is this value of time that lures the locals to use the online platform to sell their car.

How is different?

Carbuyer is not just another car buying service in the UAE. Carbuyer is here to make a difference in the car online car buying services and we are offering our expert services for free in the beginning. So come any time and get an evaluation of your car without paying a single penny. Even better is that all this cycle is completed in less than 30mins!

What does offer? is an online platform that buys cars of all make and models. Any potential user can log on to our website, fill a simple form by giving the required details and get an initial estimate of the car. If the user finds out estimate attractive, he/she can schedule an appointment with one of our experts and complete the deal in less than 30mins.

How we make it convenient for you?

At, we try to make your experience as easy as one can think of. Our database of cars includes old and new car models. You fill a simple form on the main page by giving your car???s make, model, year, style, and miles driven. Clicking ???Evaluate My Car??? gives an estimate of you???re the car you are looking to sell. For now, we are operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but we keep updating our city lists as we expand our operations.

Closing a Deal

After you receive an initial estimate of your car on our website, you schedule an appointment with one of our agents. They meet on the scheduled day at the set time to discuss the deal. Your car is evaluated by one of our experts. Depending upon the condition of the car, you are given a final quote and if the offer is attractive to you, the deal is closed.

If you were wondering about all the RTA stuff and paperwork then don???t worry, we will get that all done on your behalf.

We are excited to announce that we are up and running now to be the no.1 online car selling website in the UAE. Join us and be a part of our excellent services.


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